Walk Through Archway Metal Detector Security Gate International Standard

InTrust Walk through metal detector is a kind of fixed detector, also called the security gate, is mainly used to check the hidden metal objects on the body. When inspectors walk through the security gate and carried the metal objects which exceeds the default weight, quantity or shape, the metal detector will alarm and release the alarm in which zones. It will help the security person find the contraband metal objects. As one of the highest tech products currently, InTrust metal detector bd can analyse faster, be more accurate, higher sensitivity and stronger anti-interference, to meet the needs of various industries.

Technical Parameter and Feature of Archway Gate

  1. Detection sensitivity: Can detect the simple pin .The sensitivity is adjustable flexibility between 0-99.
  2. Intelligent statistics: Can count the pass and alarms automatically.
  3. Harmless: Harmless to the heart pacemaker, pregnant, Etc.
  4. Installation: Just take 20 mins to install and tear disassembly.

Vertical dimension

2000 mm (h)*700 mm (w)*500 mm (d)

Vertical channel size


Packing size

2220 mm (h)*800 mm (w)*500 mm (d)

Net weight of main box/detection door


Gross weight of main box/detection door


Detection zones

4-16 zones

Working voltage


Power consumption


Each zone sensitivity

1-400 Level

Security level

100 Level

Working frequency range


Working environment temperature


According to the basic structure of the human body, the detector divide into multiple overlapping region, it use mesh detecting ways and single frequency excitation technology, eliminate the weak detection of the region and the blind spot area, it is higher sensitivity and stable.

Alarm mode: Sound optical alarm, detect accurately the location of metal objects through high alarm LED lights in the column 6 Pinpoint zones to precisely identify multiple target locations from head to toe.

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