Access Control Swing Turnstile, Fast-lane Swing Barrier

InTrust Automatic Security Swing Barrier turnstile (Model: HBST-814)  is access control gate that used for people access. Compared with the flap turnstile, the swing turnstile can be a wider channel. So it enables access of luggage, handicapped, bicycle and trolley access control as well as free emergency evacuation. So it is mostly used as an addition to installing besides tripod turnstiles in order to ensure emergency evacuation swing turnstile gate and swing turnstile barrier and turnstile gate and speed gate turnstile. security access gate and automatic swing barrier, swing barrier gate, swing turnstile gate, swing turnstile barrier, turnstile gate, speed gate turnstile, security access gate, automatic swing barrier, swing barrier gate

There is stainless steel, acrylic options for the swing arms.  The standard lane width is 550mm, for some special requirements of design the lane width can reach 1200mm. InTrust have lots of mechanism design like anti-hit mechanism, fast lane swing gate and common mechanism. The standard configuration of the fast lane swing speed gate is a brush-less motor. There is also servo motor for an option. It can also be fitted with High Arms to increase the security rate

Function of Swing Turnstile Gate (Model: HBST-814)

Though the swing turnstile gate varies in shape and some functionality, they all swing to open and are used to control access. Same as other types of the turnstile gate, it can also be compatible with any access control system like RFID card system, fingerprint system, facial recognition system, barcode system, etc. as well as manual button and remote control system. All of these gates can be configured for one-way or bi-directional access.

InTrust turnstile security swing barrier system can often be used in most places where regular access control is needed, like in bank, fitness center, office building, school, cafe, warehouses, and metro station, etc. The fence swing barrier is widely used for supermarket entrance. InTrust can also customize a movable plate with the wheel at the bottom. So the gates can be portable. This is widely used for events or for rent. 

The Technical Feature of the Swing Turnstile Gate (Model: HBST-814)

  1. Alarm function – When there is an unauthorized entry, the alarm will trigger automatically and the motor will lock
  2. Optional various working modes provide a one-way passing, two-way passing, infra-red opening or controlling passing through giving a signal to the main board (need another control system Entrance guard, Fingerprint, etc.), etc., all can be set through the main board.
  3. 6 pairs standalone IR sensors ports on the controller, easy for troubleshooting and replace. 
  4. The anti-hit mechanism, reset automatically, fast-lane mechanism 
  5. Max lane width can be 700-1000mm
  6. Arm with LED and logo print service 
  7. Brushless motor, servo motor options
  8. Voice prompts function
  9. One direction or bi-direction control is optional.
  10. Compatible with any access control system, fare collection system, ESD system, fire system, queue system, visitor management system, etc
  11. Automatically open when power cutoff and automatically close when power on
  12. Size and design can be customized as per requirements.