Supermarket Swing Turnstile Round Cylinder with Fence

Main Features Of InTrust High Speed Swing Turnstile

  • Supermarket Swing Turnstile Round Cylinder : Working method can be set as per requirement by the buttons on the main panel or remotely. Optical Swing Turnstile also designed to control entering or exiting in indoor and outdoor restricted areas.
  • Anti-pinch and anti-collision system is available. If there is block during return of gate, motor stops working automatically. Reset automatically again after a default delay.
  • Anti-illegal in, anti-intrusion: auto close for reverse direction entry and exit.
  • Anti-collision: gate closes when no valid signal is given.
  • Protection functions for gate: gate open to prevent motor from being damaged if there is outer force collision.
  • InTrust Gates can be synchronous with each other’s.
  • Auto-reset. If not go through in a preset time, pass right would be cancelled automatically. (1-30s adjustable), default time is 5s.
  • Reset function by photocells, 3 or 6 pairs.
  • Anti-pinch function by photocells, 3/4 pairs
  • Compatible with Access control system, like Fingerprint, RFID, Face. Consumption system, ESD system, E-ticket system and so on.
  • Bidirectional Control (One way or two way control)
  • Unit can be controlled and administered by remote control.
  • Led lamp indicator During opening time

The Technical Parameter of High Speed Swing Turnstile

Supply Voltage

110V-240V, AC 50HZ

Drive Motor

DC 24V/20W

Working temperature

-35℃ ~ 60℃

Relative humidity

≤95%, No Condensation

Input Interface

1.    +12 V level signal or pulse width> DC12V pulse signal of 100ms

Drive Current

2.    >10mA

Communication Interface

RS485/Relay signal

Communication Distance


Unlock time



Brushless motor



Housing material

304 stainless steel

Running direction

Full automatic single direction, bi-direction (optional)

Max access width


Anti-collision mechanism


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