Automatic Hospital Door & Hermetic Door

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The InTrust Automatic Hospital Door / Airtight Door / ICU Door / Hermetic doors forms part of the solutions offered by our team for laboratories, hospitals, laboratory, lazaretto ward, purification plant, pharmaceutical industries and environments related to the health sector. Our airtight sliding doors are customizable. Finished in stainless steel or high pressure laminate which is available in a wide range of colours, as well as the combination of both. With bi-part or single-slide options, InTrust ICU Door / hermetic door for hospitals are combine the advantages of an automatic door with the air-tightness and hygiene required for clean environments. This makes our designs perfectly integrated into any architectural project, adding aesthetic value that conveys professionalism, elegance and safety to users. InTrust hermetic sliding doors carry our seal of guarantee, as they ensure access, comfort and provide maximum security. There is an option for a flush-surfaced vision panel in glass with camera, elegantly designed and easy to clean, all available in different shapes and sizes.

The door body is made of colorised steel panel with foaming process or made of the large-plane sub-light stainless steel plate and framed large-plane glass. At both sides and the center joint, there are the sealing strips installed, which conforms to the sanitary requirement for use in automatic hospital door, research institute, recording studio or any other places need for dust proof and cleanness. Special purpose seal stripe are used to seal around the mobile door to make sure that the door will joint tightly with the doorframe for air tightness when closed. It can join the door frame when close down and ensuring the airtightness of door

Technical data of Airtight Door

Gate sliding modes

single open/double open

Door weight

1X100-195kg / 2X80-185kg (As per Needs)

Clean opening width:


Power supply voltage

AC 220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz

Power consumption:


Opening speed

300mm-600mm/s (adjustable)

Closing speed

300mm-600mm/s (adjustable)

Open time

0-9s (adjustable)

Ambient temperature

-20 ~ +50℃

Manual opening force


Open style

Foot sensor (As per Requirement)

Features and Benefits of InTrust Automatic Hospital Door & Hermetic Door

  • It adopts unique high-tech, good sealing, prevents cross-contamination, maximizes cleanliness, and air-tightness meets the standard requirements of the automatic airtight door industry standard.
  • The door body is firm and thick, quick opening and closing, and the air circulation is reduced to a minimum, which can prevent dust from entering the place where there is clean demand, and maintain constant humidity and constant temperature.
  • The overall operation is light and peaceful, and the indoor and outdoor sound insulation effects are good.
  • The external airtight door is directly mounted on the wall and is quick and easy to install.
  • Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters
  • Advanced brushless motor ensures silent operation
  • Can be connected with foot sensor switch or hand sensor switch, convenient for users
  • Safe and reliable, safety sensor can accurately detect the passenger and ensure guest’s safety.