Automatic Curtain Controller

With robotization, you’ll program when your automated curtains close, stop, and open. You’ll be able interface it to other shrewd domestic innovation, such as the indoor regulator. When the indoor regulator within the shrewd domestic framework identifies a temperature rise, rather than turning on the discuss conditioner, the keen domestic innovation will near the blinds or shades. This will spare vitality costs related with intemperate power utilization.

Why do we adore what we do?

Do you despise waking up to a dull room within the morning each day? Do you abhor the monotonous act of opening all curtains around the house within the mornings? Do you have got hard-to-reach shades? Electric shade track and blinds is the culminate arrangement for you.
At INTRUST, we have made self-installing gadgets at reasonable costs but with coordinating quality and functions.

Finally, envision waking up to the wonderful morning sun sparkling directly into your whole house each day at a time controlled by you… presently that’s energizing which is why we cherish what we do!

Technical Specification for Curtain Motor

Rated Torque (N.m): 1.2
Running speed (cm/s): 14
Wireless frequency (MHz): 433.92
Working Voltage: 220V, AC
Rated Power (W): 36
Rated Current Max: 0.26
Load (Kg): 50
IP Grade: 20
Working Temperature (Cc): -10N55

Advantage Curtain Opener

  1. Smooth start and slow stop
  2. Automatically stop against extra resistances
  3. Optional operation mode for single or dual wing
  4. Available for Bluetooth / Mobile phone app control
  5. Back-up power supply Optional
  6. Control your Curtain through remote, wifi or Mobile Smooth and soft start and stop function

  7. Emergency Discharge key in case of Electricity failure.

  8. Dual/Single curtain running mode Optional master and slave gate running

  9. Adjustable opening/closing time interval between master and slave Curtain Can be Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening/closing.

  10. The force of the motor can be programmed as per requirement.

Features and Benefits Curtain Motor

  • You can  Saves the Money By Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

  • Eliminates Cords and Maximizes Safety For Your Children and Pets.

  • Protects Your Furniture and Interiors from the Sun’s Rays.

  • Gives You Control of Curtains and Blinds on Your Hard-to-access or High Windows and Skylights as you want.

  • Maintains Your Privacy: On the off chance that you have got enormous windows or are ignored by a neighbor, mechanized shades or blinds permit you to rapidly alter the window ornaments or blinds as required, without having to physically lower them. Programing shades and blinds is additionally convenient for the conclusion of the day — you’ll set up your framework to have them naturally near at night.

  • Adds Security When You Are Away: Remotely opening and closing your shades and blinds anticipates bystanders from looking in conjointly acts a obstacle to potential cheats by giving you the choice to function them consequently all through the day, making it appear like somebody is domestic, indeed in the event that you’re not.

  • Gives You Hands-Free Control of Your Window ornaments and Blinds: When you’re active cooking supper, on a zoom call, bolstering a child, wranging the kids or the pooch or indeed in case you’re essentially unwinding and don’t need to induce off the couch…you don’t got to halt what you’re doing or move to another room to alter your blinds. Children can securely and effortlessly alter their blinds as well.

  • Ensures Your Speculation and Diminishes Cleaning Time: Once you robotize and motorize your window ornaments and blinds you secure your fragile textures from the soil, stains and common oils that are exchanged from your hands, as well as from the pulling and pulling of regular opening and closing. Your shades and blinds will near delicately and easily, remain cleaner and final longer.

  • Moves forward Your Rest: Introducing motorized window blinds with greatest light-blocking murkiness in your room will offer assistance your room be as dim as conceivable once you got to rest but too be modified to steadily open within the morning, giving haziness to guarantee a great night’s rest and delicate morning light to tenderly ease you into the day.

  • Coordinating Together With your Existing  Smart Home System: Your motorized window ornaments and blinds can be coordinates together with your existing domestic robotization framework so you’ll consistently control your window covers, lights, music, alert framework, warming and cooling by means of a phone app, a tablet, a inaccessible control or person divider switches.