Automatic Car Parking Barrier

InTrust Automatic car parking barrier system for frequently used entrances of Parking area. The Remote Control Parking Barriers secure the entrance to underground garages, parking areas or factory entrances. The Vehicle Parking Barrier give authorized visitors the access within seconds. As strong as necessary, as gentle as possible, featured with the latest safety components. The Electronic parking barrier parking barriers and Parking Management system are from Different country like: Italy, China, Taiwan and available up to 6 meters long with 100 percent duty cycle. We also deal with automatic rising Bollards, roll up doors, sectional doors, automatic car parking and turnkey car park management services. Automatic Parking barrier price in  bd,  Automatic Parking barrier

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nice parking barrier intrust bd

Nice, Italy

Material: SS car paint
AC Power: 220V; 50Hz,
Color: Yellow
Bar: aluminum alloy.
Arm length-4M
Boot speed: 6S
Cabinet size: 320*280*935
Weight: 40KG

Parking Barrier Price in Bangladesh


Lane Width : Up to 6M with telescopic boom
Supply Voltage : 220V AC
Power Consumption : 150W
Frequency : 50-60Hz
Material : Aluminum Alloy
Humidity : <90%
Ingress Protection : IP54
Net Weight : 45KG 

intrust bd , china parking barrier

PBS100, China

Material: SS car paint
AC Power: 100W, /220V; 50Hz
Color: White or red
Bar: aluminum alloy, 
Length is total: 4M
Boot speed: 6S
Cabinet size: 340*263*1050 
Weight: 45KG

foldable parking barrier-intrust bd

Folding Parking Barrier

Power: 220 V AC,
Watt: 100W
Bar: Aluminum
Arm: 6M,
Boot Speed: 6S
Cabinet Size: 320x280x935
Color: Yellow
Weight: 45KG

The Technical Function & Feature of Remote Control Automatic Parking Barrier

  •  Manual release key during failure of power condition.
  •  Machine core with compression spring or without spring, effectively avoids the accidents caused by spring breaking
  • Die-casting aluminum alloy motor, precision and good at thermal radiating.
  • Double safety limit switches (photocell electrical limit switch/motor memory sensor)
  • Reversing on obstacle
  • Auto-closing
  • Support the Infrared  Photocell for anti-bumping function (optional).
  • Support the external and internal VEHICLE LOOP DETECTOR (optional).
  • Traffic light interface.
  • Wire control (switch signal)/ Remote control (418MHZ).
  • RS485 communication module (optional).

electronic parking barrier and Vehicle Parking Barrier

InTrust Intelligent System Without Column

  1. The inexpensive solution for your long-term parking facility: You only need the barrier gate, no column.
  2. Integrable RFID readers solve the task of parking facility monitoring.
  3. Display of various symbols via the integrated track light.
  4. Surveillance using an optional built-in video camera that is safe against vandalism.
  5. Unique: Coloured joint barrier boom using RGB LEDs for safety and recognisability

High-Quality, Energy-Optimized Components

  1. Very professional and High-quality design that is the best in its field.
  2. Special focus on the use of energy-saving components.
  3. Operation in a wide range of temperatures possible without any extra heating or ventilation.